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Below are a few options to get you verified. Please check out the Q&A section below if you have questions. 

You are considered an accredited investor if you made $200k or more ($300k if combined with spousal equivalent) in the past 2 years, and expect to do so this year.

You (and/or your spousal equivalent) are considered accredited if your net worth is $1M or more, excluding your primary residence.

You can be categorized as a qualified client or qualified purchaser by demonstrating a net worth of $2.1M+ or $5M+ respectively.

Help Section

Your credit report reveals your debt or liabilities which is needed to calculate your net worth: Net worth = Assets – Liabilities

You can get a free credit report from, a site suggested by the federal government, and upload it above.

Documents showing a net worth of $1M or more:

  • Bank or investment account statements
  • Appraisals and online valuations of properties owned
    • Proof of ownership of those properties
    • If properties are jointly owned, provide the percentage of ownership
  • Ownership in private company securities
  • Annuities, insurance, and similar assets
  • Vehicles and personal property

According to new SEC rules, you are considered an accredited investor if you hold one of the following FINRA licenses: Series 7, Series 65, Series 82

Your CRD number. You may use FINRA’s database if needed.

According to SEC Rule 3c-5(a)(4), you are considered an accredited investor if you’re a knowledgeable employee for the sponsor.

You may upload a letter from your CPA/Attorney/Financial Advisor stating your accreditation status.

You can see a sample letter by clicking here.


Accredited investors are individuals (or entities) who can buy securities that may not be registered with financial authorities.

They are most commonly and generally defined as individuals who, excluding their primary residence, have a net worth of $1M or more. Or individuals who have an income of $200k/year ($300k if combined with spousal equivalent) in the past 2 years.

Your sponsor is filing a 506(c) offering with the SEC. As a part of this investment offering, they’re required to take reasonable steps to show the SEC that they’re only raising capital from accredited investors.

By getting your accreditation verified, you are officially protecting yourself, your sponsor, and other investors in this offering.

We use bank-level security to encrypt your documents. You can request for your data to be deleted at any time.

Your sponsor can verify you by reviewing your financial documents and storing it themselves for future audits. However, they are prioritizing your data privacy by using Accredd ‘s bank-level security to encrypt your financial information.

Also, by storing your data within our secured vault, our software can quickly re-verify you for future investment opportunities.