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Accredd API Agreement

Last updated: January 26, 2024

This agreement (“API Agreement“) governs the use of Accredd’s API Services (“API Services“) and details how accounts with access to Accredd’s API may use our API Services. This API Agreement forms a legal agreement between Accredd, Inc. (“Accredd“) and the entity, business, or individual who has created an Accredd account (“you” and “your“) with the intention or purpose of integrating our API Services with a third-party platform or with your platform to use our API Services. The Accredd Terms of Service is incorporated into this API Agreement via this reference, and capitalized terms not defined this is API Agreeement are defined in the Accredd Terms of Service. If there are any conflict between Accredd Terms of Service and this API Agreement, this API Agreement will prevail.

You and Accredd agree to the following:

1. Key Definitions

“Actions” are any activities related to initiate an accreditation verification request, retrieve an accreditation letter, check the status of a verification request, or grab analytics for your account.

“API Services” are any products and services that users with access to Accredd’s API receive.

“Business User” means the entity that entered into an agreement with Accredd to license its Services, typically through this API Agreement.

“End Customer” means the individual or entity that uses Accredd’s Services through the Business User.

“End User” means the individual or entity that uses Accredd’s Services directly.


2. Your Account with API Access

Accredd API helps you enable the Services, including accreditation verifications, for your End User or End Customer. Actions may be done through Accredd’s Site or programmatically through Accredd API, and includes activities highlighted on the API Page.

Security of your API Keys: As a part of your access to our API Services, you are able to generate API Keys which are used to programmatically access your Accredd Account and perform Actions on your behalf. You should maintain a high-level of security of these API Keys at all times.


3. Representation and Warranty

You represent as of the Effective Date, and warrant at all times that the information and data you provide to Accredd, directly or via API, is accurate and complete without any modifications to the original content. You are solely responsible for the goods and services sold to your End Customers as part of your usage of our Services. These obligations are described in detail in the Accredd Terms of Service.

4. Disclaimer and Limitations on Liability

Accredd is not responsible for, and disclaims all liability arising from or relating to: providing services to you, the End Users, or the End Customers for any Accredd API’s failure to comply with your terms of use; your obligation to your customers to deliver your goods or services; your compliance with the Law; your security and handling of your Accredd API Keys; your handling of the End Users or the End Customers’ Personal Data and Content before it is transmitted to our servers. This section is in addition to the provisions of the Accredd Terms of Service.

5. Other Terms

The term of this API Agreement begins when you sign an agreement with Accredd and receive access to your account, and continues until you or Accredd terminate this API Agreement. You may terminate API Agreement by contacting us via email at This API Agreement will automatically terminate if the Accredd Terms of Use is terminated first, otherwise the termination of this API Agreement does not automatically terminate Accredd Terms of Use.

Sample Reference for Your Terms

Please note the language below is purely illustrative. You must use your own legal language when incorporating our partnership into your terms of use and privacy policy.

Example Purposes Only

Our Verification Partner

The verification partner’s role is to enable you to validate the accreditation status of the End Users or End Customers, facilitating the verification process through our platform without having your End Users or End Customers to leave our platform. [Company Name]’s verification partner is Accredd, Inc. a separate entity not affiliated with us, and they provide the services for verifying investor accreditation, as defined by the Security and Exchange Commission and United States Government. 

By using our platform to verify the accreditation status, of yourself, your End Users, or your End Customers, you are agreeing to Accredd’s terms of service  and privacy policies available in detail at By accepting this Agreement you are bound to an agreement between our verification partner and you. We are not a party to the verification partner and have no obligations to you. Furthermore, [Company Name] is not responsible for the outcome of verifications and we are only responsible for securely transmitting Personal Data that you uploaded directly to us, for the purpose of relaying that data to the verification partner so they can perform their services on our behalf. Once that Personal Data to securely transmitted to Accredd, the handling of your Personal Data is in accordance with their privacy policy and terms of use.

We reserve the right to change verification partners at any time, with or without prior written notice to you. By continuing to use [Company Name]’s services, you agree to be bound by the terms applicable to the new verification partner.