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Frequently Asked Questions

Your main objective is to raise capital and close deals as an issuer. So you’re taking on a lot of risk—both for your firm and your investors—by performing verifications that meet the SEC standards.

Accredd.com ensures that you’re legally compliant with the SEC while also creating privacy and separation for investors’ sensitive documents.

Your investor relations team already answers a variety of questions on new opportunities, wire information, and your subscription process. Why burden them with a compliance task like verification?

We estimate our customers can save 120 hours per year, based on an average of 400 verifications. What could your IR or legal team do with 120 additional hours?

Storing financial data on your portal, or within your inbox poses a security risk. One bad incident creates a security domino effect. 

Separating investor data from your systems removes this liability. Your team won’t be able to lose investors’ information because you won’t have access to these documents to begin with.

We provide a turnaround time of 12 hours or less once we have all the necessary documents.

Our software and compliance team perform the verification through a seamless user interface, thereby reducing time and friction for your investors. 

Your investors will always  retain ownership of their data. Your limited partners are protected from any hacks to your systems by uploading their documents to our servers. This creates a separation between your ecosystem and investors’ data.

We use bank-level security when investors upload their data to us. Additionally, we encrypt that data when it is at rest (or not being used). This is miles better than storing your investor documents within a typical cloud storage.

We delete investor data upon their request. Otherwise, we store data to maintain the SEC’s 5-year guidelines, ensuring you can continue to raise money from them throughout that period.

We work with issuers fundraising through Regulation D, Rule 506(c). That means our pricing model is aligned with how you fundraise: a deal-by-deal or fund-by-fund basis.

Yes. Rule 506(c) does not explicitly state a specific method for verifications. The SEC encourages issuers to take reasonable steps to verify their investors’ accreditation status.

Our company, its software, and its services were built with these guidelines in place under the supervision of counsels, who all specialize in securities.

No, we’re an incorporated entity and are independent verifiers who help issuers stay compliant with the SEC.

We believe this removes any conflicting interests since we are strictly here to help our clients with compliance.

Our process is trusted by industry leaders, firms, and platforms.

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