Demo Site: Investor's View

You are considered an accredited investor if you made $200k or more ($300k if combined with spousal equivalent) in the past 2 years, and expect to do so this year.

You (and/or your spousal equivalent) are considered accredited if your net worth is $1M or more, excluding your primary residence.

You can be categorized as a qualified client or qualified purchaser by demonstrating a net worth of $2.1M+ or $5M+ respectively.

Help Section

Your credit report reveals your debt or liabilities which is needed to calculate your net worth: Net worth = Assets – Liabilities

You can get a free credit report from, a site suggested by the federal government, and upload it above.

Documents showing a net worth of $1M or more:

  • Bank or investment account statements
  • Appraisals and online valuations of properties owned
    • Proof of ownership of those properties
    • If properties are jointly owned, provide the percentage of ownership
  • Ownership in private company securities
  • Annuities, insurance, and similar assets
  • Vehicles and personal property

According to new SEC rules, you are considered an accredited investor if you hold one of the following FINRA licenses: Series 7, Series 65, Series 82

Your CRD number. You may use FINRA’s database if needed.

According to SEC Rule 3c-5(a)(4), you are considered an accredited investor if you’re a knowledgeable employee for the sponsor.

You may upload a letter from your CPA/Attorney/Financial Advisor stating your accreditation status.

You can see a sample letter by clicking here.