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Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve worked with attorneys to adopt the latest SEC guidelines, so our accreditations are valid for a period of 5 years whereas all of our competitors have a 90-day expiration.

We email investors (and cc sponsors) on a single email thread. If an investor forgets to upload a key document, we provide specific details and next steps to help the investor pass verification.

Accredd becomes your verification partner and handles all compliance on your behalf. So when the SEC comes knocking, you point them to us where we have concrete proof showing the documents we’ve reviewed and steps we’ve taken for each of your investor.

Syndication and private equity firms that are scaling so they’ve offloaded this operational/compliance process to us. We also work with investor portals: offering them a white label API product.

We use software to handle the majority of verifications, unlike other 3rd-party verifiers who send the financial documents to contractors. We worked with securities attorneys to build our technology so it’s aligned with SEC guidelines.

We’ve built our business around how you do business. So we charge $100 per completed verification: we don’t bill you unless your investor gets accredited.

We have a one-time setup and onboarding fee of $1,000. Other than that, there are no minimums or annual fees.

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