We’re Modernizing Investor Verifications

About Us

Team of technologists, attorneys, and real estate professionals.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds which enables us to solve the problem of compliance from a fresh perspective. Our platform was built by engineers, designers, lawyers, and real estate professionals specifically to address the SEC compliance requirements for filings such as Regulation D, 506(c). 

Many of us are limited partners in syndications and have gone through the inconvenient accreditation process.  In fact, our founders alone have invested in 22 different Regulation D offerings. The genesis of Accredd came from the observation that this verification process could be easier, for both investors but also for the sponsors working hard to put together private placements.

We’re confident our product is the best in class because we’ve actually gotten verified through other means. If you choose to use our product, you’ll quickly see how intuitive it is—for LPs and GPs—and it’ll be evident how much we understand this space because we’ve lived it ourselves.



Accredd launches publicly and acquires small and large customers without any marketing dollars. The problem we’re solving in the compliance space clearly struck a chord for many issuers in the industry. 


The team spends time interviewing sponsors and investors to understand their pain points with existing verification methods. We engage multiple attorneys to help navigate the SEC compliance guidelines.


Accredd’s founders use other 3rd-party verifiers and see the poor investor experience first hand. This plants the seed that later becomes our existing business.

Our Collective Experience

1 Years

Our developers and technologists have written code for some of the largest banks and tech companies in the world.

1 Years

Our lead outside counsel has decades of broad securities industry and law firm experience, including registering the Blackstone Group as a broker-dealer in 1983

1 Years

Our team has invested in numerous alternative vehicles, as well as 506(b) and 506(c) offerings, so we know what it is like to be a limited partner.

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